English Raiding


Dear Raiders,


As should be obvious, Raid events only happen if someone volunteers and does the work of organising the event.


Another pair of these elusive paragons have come forward.


Pete and Terie Chesworth have kindly volunteered to organise the fifth English Raid (ER5) which will take place in Falmouth (more specifically from Mylor Yacht Harbour).   I am sure that you will all join me in thanking them for undertaking this work.


The dates will be Monday 1st September – Friday 5th September 2014.


To view the programme and costs click on the Programme 2014 link.

To see the likely routes click on the Raid Map 2014 link.

To register your interest in attending please click on the Register link.


What about a Poole Harbour Raid in 2015 or even the fabled Channel Raid (Portland to Lymington) ? (Hows that for forward planning !)

Geoff Probert February 2014

13 Responses to “English Raiding”

  • Helen Collins:

    What an excellent idea. We participated in Sail Caledonia a couple of years ago as a family in our Devon Lugger, Pinot Noir and had one of the best weeks ever. Dates are always a problem and the more advance notice of an event the better. Dates that fit around school, exams and other commitments are always an issue so we cannot make this August, but if a Solent Raid is to become a regular event please can you plan the next date well in advance so that we can make other arrangements around it.

  • Tom Jackson:

    Wish you the best for your event. I helped found the Small Reach Regatta in the U.S. after participating in Raid Sweden, and I’m very glad to see this kind of even proliferating.
    Tom Jackson
    Brooklin, Maine

  • It should be good. All of the organisation so far looks very professional. Roll on summer and lets hope it is a good one. I’m hoping to sail to and from Keyhaven from Poole, so it should make the whole event very special.

  • Claus Riepe:

    Hat off to you for organising this. It’ll surely fly, after all you have lots of expertise from the other Raids you have attended in the past. I am very much looking forward. Best of luck and best of weather!

  • Peter Lewin:

    Great to see an event of this type on the south coast. We did Le Seamine du Golfe last year and are looking for events in 2010. Have a 16ft traditional clinker shetland yoal. Based in Poole so may join others from Poole and sail over.

  • Congratulations to the organisers, and to Julian for his excellent work on the charts. Greatly looking forward to July.

  • Hi Geoff, Just starting my planning for our 2011 event and thought I’d have a look at your new website. I’m really impressed and very pleased to see it all coming together. There’s no way I’ll be able to get down but wish you all the best in the latter stages of planning and for a great event.
    Fair winds
    Martin Balcombe
    Sail Caledonia

  • Peter Thomas:

    Just seen the article in Wooden Boat about the proposed 2012 raid. I’ve never been on one before and my Tela dayboat doesn’t have rowlocks, just paddles when she behaves like a hippo with a broken leg and a hangover, but I’d like to join in if you’ll allow sailing only (I won’t bring the outboard along). We are moored on the Blackwater at Heybridge and the run to the Stour/Orwell will be a bit of an adventure for us. Please put me on the mailing list for further info.
    Peter Thomas

  • john guy:

    Hi Moray

    Like Peter above I have a Tela, has rowlocks but no fun to row as rig in way. But would like to join in. We did Semaine du Golf a couple of years ago, great.

    Can you keep me in copy for updates?

    Thanks and regards


  • Steve Collett:

    Have always thought Falmouth would be a good venue for a raid (Cornish Raid).Carrick Roads is a long protected water with many smaller estuaries connecting and it is possible to offer good sailing and rowing in many varied weather conditions. Three miles away is Helford with a short sea passage accross the Bay and possibilities of
    combining the two venues.I can think of 4 good campsites on route and other areas where
    boats can be launched and retrieved. A good time for this maybe after Falmouth week where some competitors might like to combine both.
    I would be also willing to help with some of the organisation providing it did not hinder me taking part in my own raid boat launched this year a 22 foot self build and
    Steve Collett

  • Peter Mills:

    Regretably Tom Kitten unsuitable for the Broads (hope you have more wind than we do at Cowes today!) our mast not suitable for bridge shooting but definately looking forward to Falmouth. Early advice on dates appreciated.
    Peter Mills

  • Mike Arstall:


    I understand you have a BJ17 and wonder if I might arrange to come and have a look at her. I am currently looking for a small day boat for coastal cruising and messing about, and Bart Jan said you had one.



  • All the makings of another excellent raid:-
    Beautiful venue, interesting programme with a plethora of potential routes, plus many familiar names (people and boats) and a good range of new ones.
    Even the long range forecast looks good – Hats off to all the organisers!

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