British Raiding

2017 Monday 14th – Friday 18th August


Dear Raiders,

Back to Plymouth for some unfinished business (I hope !).  In 2015 we were forced to re-work our proposed routes due to the strong and unusual Easterly winds that prevailed at the time.

This meant that we were unable to explore the beauty of the Tamer and missed out on the wonderful villages of Cawsand/Kingsand across the sound, together with the delights of Cornish Ice-cream and a dollop (of clotted cream) available in the shop in the square at Cawsand.

I am hoping to rectify that this year.


The 2017 English Raid (the 8th) will be based at the Mountbatten Centre again giving perfect access to Plymouth Sound.

I am deeply indebted to Peter Chesworth again for agreeing to help me organise this Raid.  He has now helped to organise the Mylor, (previous) Plymouth and Clyde Raid; the man is a saint !

The dates for the 2017 Raid will be Monday 14th August – Friday 18th August 2017.

The Raid is in the School holidays in order to encourage those raiders with children or grandchildren still at school to join in.

To view the programme and costs click on the Programme 2017 link.

To see the likely routes click on the Raid Map 2017 link.

To register your interest in attending please click on the  link Register 2017


Geoff Probert February  2017

2016 Monday 8th – Friday 12th August

The Clyde

Dear Raiders,


The sharp-eyed (and those with a good memory) will see that we have changed the emphasis from English waters to British waters.

The 2016 Raid (the 7th) will be based at the Blairvadach Outdoor Centre on Gareloch, just outside Rhu and Helensburgh, and will take place mainly in the waters of The Clyde in Scotland.

Last years Raid in Plymouth showed the benefits (to the organisers at least) of a fixed base located at a Watersports Centre.

Using Google maps to investigate the coastline of Britain, searching for places to host a Raid, showed up very few suitable locations but led us to The River Clyde; one of the most famous places for British sailing.



Notwithstanding his sterling work in organising the Mylor and Plymouth Raids (ER5&ER6),  which was above and beyond the call of duty,  Peter Chesworth has very kindly offered to help me organise this one as well.  I am extremely grateful for this and for any offer of help in planning the routes for this year or in finding a location for next year (2017).


The dates for the 2016 Raid will be Monday 8th August – Friday 12th August 2016.


Whilst the Raid is in the School holidays on order to encourage younger participants the Blairvadach Centre is not set up for very young children.  There are no high chairs, for example.


To view the programme and costs click on the Programme 2016 link.

To see the likely routes click on the Raid Map 2016 link.

To register your interest in attending please click on the Register 2016 link.


Having the 2016 Raid in Scotland is not intended in any way to compete with the excellent Sail Caledonia which remains the best test of sail-and-oar adventures in the UK.


Geoff Probert December 2016

5 Responses to “British Raiding”


    Dear Geoff
    George Trevelyan suggested that I contact you with the prospect of you coming to Seafairhaven next year 11th-18th June, and should be grateful if you would be kind enough to get in touch. My telephone numbers are 01348 840420 and 07875 088391.
    I will be away until the end of the month but hopefully we can have a chat when I return. Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me have your contact details
    Many thanks
    Martin Sykes

  • Norna Hall:

    Thanks for the plug Geoff, and enjoy the Clyde… fantastic sailing waters.

  • Have enormous fun on your raid everyone. I hope you have lots of fun. If you feel you want to enjoy another event in your mid-winter consider enlisting for the furthest south raid in the world. Tawe Nunnugah in Tasmanian runs from 1st Feb 2017 and culminates in the fabulous Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart 9th – 12th Feb 2017.

  • Ian Quayle:

    Hi Geoff,

    Have your thoughts stretched to a date and possible venue for the 2017 Raid?


  • Geoff Probert:

    Hi Ian,
    No dates or venue yet I’m afraid. In previous years we have found the volunteer who finds the venue and then decides the date but no luck so far.

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