Photo Links 2010

On this page we are putting links to the uploaded photographs (and videos) of participants in the 2010 Raid.

Click on the name of the contributor to view their photographs.

Kathy Mansfield:

Kathy is well-known journalist and photographer specialising in classics and small boats.

She writes

“If people ask for photos of their boat to look at, as some have done, I can send them a contact sheet of their boat. Not all will end up on the website, there’s just too many, and not everything will happen instantly due to too much work!  Water Craft magazine ( will have three related articles in the November issue, out late October. “

Watch as the gallery develops over the next weeks…prints available from, ask to see your boat photos, and see Water Craft’s November issue

Humphry Trevelyan:

Humphry  was commissioned to document the Raid on its first day, and was able to record it on other occasions – the evening of the 31st, and afternoon of 1st August on the Yar.   Look through using the slideshow  option.  In case you are wondering about he coincidence of names, Humphry is George’s brother.

He writes  “Most of the images were shot on Fuji negative film, and were digitised at medium resolution: others were taken on my little Lumix by Julia and myself. Unfortunately, the film camera malfunctioned towards the end of the Raid, so we lost a number of images on the 31st and 1st. Feel free to download any of these images, but please note that if you want to use them outside of your home for any kind of publication, please let me know, and also give me a credit if possible, under the name ‘htrevelyan’. If anyone wants larger, higher resolution images, get in touch: I will be selectively re-scanning for that purpose.

The selection was taken from over 400 images, and there may be some of your boat that have not been posted. If you would like to see everything to do with your participation, let me know and I can send you whatever is available.

It was great to meet you all, and I look forward to another raid, another year.”

Julian Swindell:

Julian was sailing the very interesting Swallow Boats’ Bay Cruiser with his daughter (and thus won one of the “generations awards”).  He was responsible for the excellent Raid Map that appears on this website and has an interesting blog about his sailing exploits, including a report on the Raid .



Nick Barberton:

Nick was sailing one of the Ian Oughted Ness Yawls, SCHUITJE.  The three Ness Yawls  (and Seren Haf) appear a lot in the collections of most of the photographers.  They are very pretty.

Simon Knight:

Simon was sailing CARPE DIEM, one of the Bay Raiders from Swallow Boats and says  “If anyone wants the full size files, or if the link does not work, please send me an email.”

best wishes


Steve Morton:

Steve was sailing aboard MOLLY, the replica New Bedford Whaleboat of The Henley Whalers (

Tony Sanderson:

Tony was also sailing on MOLLY

Sue Turner:

Sue was another crew member on MOLLY.

She writes “I hope you enjoy my sailing pictures (A few sea dogs and canines included). Every time I tried to take a photo of Diego he would turn his head. As you will see Nipper from the Folly was less camera shy.”

There are a couple of some surprisingly close-up pictures of one of the Extreme 40 Catamarans.

Marco D’Alba:

Marco is one of the organisers of the Venetian Raid and was a guest aboard MOLLY and also sailed with Regin & Francosis Florin (our French visitors) aboard MARIE BELLETTE.

He writes “Don’t forget to send me your requests in case you like some pictures and you want them in a full size format.  Don’t forget (advertising moment) to come and join our Venice lagoon raid next June.”

Paul Waterman:

Paul was another crew member on MOLLY and also helped with a safety RIB.

Robin Popham:

Robin is normally a crew member on MOLLY but was kind enough to bring his Contessa 32 FLUTER to the Raid in order to provide more overnight berths and, as you can see,  was able to provide some daytime accommodation.

Willem Leopold:

Willem was in Huibertje (the Wooden Dutch boat with the lee-boards) which is thought to have been built around 1950.

Chris & Jane Willard:

As well as being active participants in the Raid, Chris & Jane Willard were kind enough to host the end of Raid BBQ in their wonderful house and grounds at Keyhaven.

Madeleine Probert:

Madeleine was running shore support for the whole Raid with Ray Gercans. Many thanks to the pair of them for their invaluable help.

Ray Gercans:

You would have met Ray when registering at the car park in the field and at every other stop.

The Raid from Ribs:

A few photos were taken from the Ribs, by Julia, Jackie Bishop and George:  nothing hi-tech, some on an iPhone, but they may fill a few gaps for you.