2019 Joining Instructions

Clyde Raid 2

Monday 22 July – Saturday 27 July

Registration, launching and accommodation is at the Blairvadach Outdoor Centre, Rhu, Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, G84 8NN (56.013808,-4.7510363).

and is on the A814 heading North-West from Glasgow.

Launching will be with the assistance of the Blairvadach Centre tractor and staff and will commence together on Monday afternoon. After launching boats should be moved to Rhu Marina in order to provide walk-ashore access for the duration of the Raid.

It is a 1.3 mile walk back from the Marina to the Outdoor Centre.

Llines and fenders are a must both for the Marina and rafting up during the Raid.

On Monday evening an evening meal will be provided in the Centre for all Raiders. As the Centre is part of Glasgow City Council’s Education Service it does not have a licence to sell alcohol. The more thirsty of you may choose to provide your own refreshments.

If you intend to come earlier, may I remind you that The Raid will be paying for your berth on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. If you want to come earlier, you must make arrangements with Rhu Marina. The same is true with regard to Blairvadach Outdoor Centre. Those wishing to extend their stay must talk directly to them. I am sure both will be very happy to accommodate you.


I’m sure your craft will be properly equipped for the Raid, but the following are essential;

Life/Jacket/buoyancy aid per crew member

Suitable Clothing

Vessel — positive buoyancy

Bucket / bailer / pump

Mooring lines and fenders

Secondary Propulsion or Paddle or oars



Anchor and line

A handheld VHF is not essential but would be helpful

There is a chandlers at the Rhu Marina in case of forgotten items or last minute problems.

Have a safe journey; we look forward to greeting you in Scotland.

Useful Numbers:

Geoff Probert

Home   01491 577220

Mobile  0779 5382453

Blairvadach Outdoor Centre

Postcode G84 8NN

Tel.   01436 820 491

Rhu Marina

Postcode G84 8LA

Tel. 01436 820238

Responsibility – the legal bit:

Raid England shall not be liable for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused to the Owner/Skipper or crew, as a result of their taking part in the Event.  Moreover, every Owner/Skipper warrants the suitability of his boat for the Event.

The safety of a boat and her entire management including insurance shall be the sole responsibility of the Owner/ Skipper, who must ensure that the boat is fully found, thoroughly seaworthy, manned by a crew sufficient in number and experience who are physically fit to face bad weather.

The Owner/Skipper must be satisfied as to the soundness of the hull, spars, rigging and all gear.  He must ensure that all safety equipment is properly maintained, stowed and in date and that the crew know where it is kept and how it is to be used.

Neither the establishment of these conditions, nor their use by Raid England, in any way limits the absolute responsibility of the Owner/ Skipper.